Selenium Training Institute in Gurgaon

The Indian product testing market has grown tremendously over the past few years as the importance of software in the day-to-day life has increased manifold. Selenium is one of the most popular web-based, open-source automation tool. Selenium allows both developers as well as testers to develop functional tests to drive the browser.

Nowadays, Selenium Training in Gurgaon is becoming increasingly popular.  A successful completion of a Selenium course will make any student a pro in Selenium Automation. The product can be used to record workflows so that testers or developers can prevent further regressions of code. Selenium will work in all browsers that support JavaScript as the testing product has been developed in JavaScript.

Who should attend the course?

  • Graduates who want to pursue Software Quality Assurance Testing as a career.
  • Corporate executives who are looking advance their career in Test Automation
  • IT professionals who want to change the career path and learn new skills

A successful completion of Selenium course will make the student capable of doing:

  • Automation testing based on Keyword
  • Test enhancements with synchronization & verification
  • Test parameterization
  • Modular actions’ creation & re-usability
  • Object repository & debugging tools usage
  • Describe & use virtual objects
  • Use of Custom checkpoints

A typical syllabus for Selenium Testing Course in Gurgaon covers major topics like Selenium Architecture, Selenium IDE, Locator Techniques, and Selenium setup, Selenium RC, Selenium Testing, AutoIT and Selenium Grid.

Selenium Training in Gurgaon

Software testing course in Gurgaon helps students to get testing jobs easily as more and more IT companies are entering Gurgaon with massive recruitment plans. Over $11 billion worth testing business have already been completed by major IT companies such as TCS, Infosys, TCS, CTS and HCL. It is estimated that the outsourced software testing market worldwide is around $72billion across different industry segment.

Are you looking for the best Selenium training program in Gurgaon? If you prefer learning Selenium Web-driver with Java from the real Selenium automation professionals, then read on. Our Selenium course is different from all the training institutes in several aspects, the principal reason being selection of our trainers.

All our faculties are highly experienced software testers having hands on working experience in Selenium. Our selenium training gives more emphasis on practical testing techniques and processes rather than theoretical concepts. Our selenium course is aided by highly researched concepts, best practices and live projects. All tools and testing utilities are provided to the students for thorough understanding.

Course Content:

Selenium Automation Training Course at APTRON – Automation is moving towards Open Source. It is because the commercial tools like QTP are becoming very expensive and outdated. The APTRON team presents highly technical automation testing training using Selenium tool. Here is what we offer in our Selenium Course in Gurgaon.

  • Our Selenium program, specially designed for Science and Engineering graduates and final year students, aims at helping students gain an edge.
  • Our Selenium program is unlike any other as it comes with specialized modules on industry orientation and enables students to prepare for actual application testing.
  • Our faculties are working professionals who are currently working in India’s top IT companies and they impart training on weekends only.
  • These working professionals are more oriented towards solving real Selenium problems than just teaching theoretical knowledge. APTRON is the Best Selenium Automation Tool training institute in Gurgaon
  • Our highly technical Selenium IDE and Selenium Web-Driver Course is the only project oriented Selenium Course in Gurgaon
  • We have proven expertise in preparing high quality professionals in Selenium training and technologies.
  • We support students with real time projects, interview questions and personal attention.
  • Placement support provided to all students.
  • Java programming required for Selenium (included in the course)

Our Selenium Training in Gurgaon is suitable for freshers as well as experienced software testers who have been performing manual testing but now want to move to automation profile.

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